Closed Circuit Television

Sometimes you can't find a circuit

Sometimes you can’t find a circuit

This is where we are very active in the design and sales of high end product. The best in our mind. Certainly the most reliable, Panasonic. This is our experience over the past 15 years working on every manufacturer under the sun including Vicon, Pelco, Sensormatic and RCA/Burle/Philips/Bosch systems. As I stated on our home page we are an equal opportunity integrator, but we like products with actual model and serial numbers; no where is this truer than in the CCTV arena. 016 (3)You read the specifications, chose the camera, pull it out of the plain white box that says “network camera” and viola! No model number, no serial number, no problem, fresh out of China. Then pair that up with a card we have inserted into a computer running on a Windows consumer operating system and your set. I hope the sarcasm is dripping out your ears by now. There is a time and an application for this, maybe if you are a computer hobbyist, but not if you want to set it and forget it till an incident arises.

As with other audio and video applications within this site; we sell solutions. We handle other time tested manufactures of CCTV equipment as well as Panasonic where the warranty is good, and we know from experience the manufacturer both stands behind their product and doesn’t have to, because it works, and when it doesn’t we’re on it.4-18-2011 114Network PTZ







Sports authority Field, the Denver Broncos, Red Rocks Amphitheater, the Performing Arts Center, Byron Roger Federal Courthouse,  a multitude of local Post Office s including the general mail and bulk mail facilities, these are but a few of our accomplishments over the years.

At the Red Rocks Park overlook we have a pan/tilt/zoom camera on a pole powered by solar, controlled by 900Mhz radio with video return via microwave to back stage where it changes to an existing twisted pair (CAT5) crosses under the stage, is then converted to fiber optics travels up to the visitors center output on RG59 coax and into the video matrix. This was the solution to how are we going to get the coverage. We are comfortable working in all of these transmission mediums, as well as the IP arena.

Whether you have a four camera retail establishment, or are linking up five buildings via fiber (we did that at Valley Labs, Boulder) we hope you will consider us for your video surveillance solution.